Subproject.ReadOnly Property

Project Developer Reference

True if changes in the project affect its master project. Read/write Boolean.



expression   A variable that represents a Subproject object.

Return Value

The following example copies projects with read-only access into new files with read-write access.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub CopyReadOnlyFiles()
Dim P As Project        ' Project object used in loop
Dim OldName As String   ' Name of project
Dim Path As String      ' File path to project
Dim NewName As String   ' New name of project

' Check each open project for read-only access.
For Each P In Application.Projects
    If P.ReadOnly Then      ' See if project has read-only access.
        OldName = P.Name    ' Store its name.
        Path = P.Path       ' Store its path.
        ' Create a new name for the file and save it.
        NewName = "New " & Left(OldName, Len(OldName) - 4) & ".MPP"
        FileSaveAs Path & PathSeparator & NewName
    End If
Next P

End Sub

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