AccessObject Object

Access Developer Reference

An AccessObject object refers to a particular Microsoft Access object.


An AccessObject object includes information about one instance of an object. The following table list the types of objects each AccessObject describes, the name of its collection, and what type of information AccessObject contains.

AccessObject Collection Contains information about
Database diagram AllDatabaseDiagrams Saved database diagrams
Form AllForms Saved forms
Function AllFunctions Saved functions
Macro AllMacros Saved macros
Module AllModules Saved modules
Query AllQueries Saved queries
Report AllReports Saved reports
Stored procedure AllStoredProcedures Saved stored procedures
Table AllTables Saved tables
View AllViews Saved views

Because an AccessObject object corresponds to an existing object, you can't create new AccessObject objects or delete existing ones. To refer to an AccessObject object in a collection by its ordinal number or by its Name property setting, use any of the following syntax forms:


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