OutlineCodes Collection Object

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Contains a collection of OutlineCode objects.


Use the OutlineCodes property to return an OutlineCodes collection.


Using the OutlineCode Object

The following example adds a custom outline code to store the location of resources and configures the outline code such that only values specified in the lookup table can be associated with a resource.

Bb214609.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
The OnlyLookUpTableCodes property can be set only after the lookup table contains entries. If you try to set OnlyLookUpTableCodes before creating lookup table entries, the result is run-time error 7, "Out of memory."
Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub CreateLocationOutlineCode()
Dim objOutlineCode As OutlineCode

Set objOutlineCode = ActiveProject.<strong class="bterm">OutlineCodes</strong>.Add( _
    pjCustomResourceOutlineCode1, "Location")
DefineLocationCodeMask objOutlineCode.CodeMask
EditLocationLookupTable objOutlineCode.LookupTable

objOutlineCode.OnlyLookUpTableCodes = True

End Sub

Sub DefineLocationCodeMask(objCodeMask As CodeMask) objCodeMask.Add _ Sequence:=pjCustomOutlineCodeUppercaseLetters, _ Length:=2, Separator:="."

objCodeMask.Add _ Sequence:=pjCustomOutlineCodeUppercaseLetters, _ Separator:="."

objCodeMask.Add _ Sequence:=pjCustomOutlineCodeUppercaseLetters, _ Length:=3, Separator:="." End Sub

Sub EditLocationLookupTable(objLookupTable As LookupTable) Dim objStateEntry As LookupTableEntry Dim objCountyEntry As LookupTableEntry Dim objCityEntry As LookupTableEntry

Set objStateEntry = objLookupTable.AddChild("WA")
objStateEntry.Description = "Washington"

Set objCountyEntry = objLookupTable.AddChild("KING", _
objCountyEntry.Description = "King County"

Set objCityEntry = objLookupTable.AddChild("SEA", _
objCityEntry.Description = "Seattle"

Set objCityEntry = objLookupTable.AddChild("RED", _
objCityEntry.Description = "Redmond"

Set objCityEntry = objLookupTable.AddChild("KIR", _
objCityEntry.Description = "Kirkland"    

End Sub

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