Font.Background Property

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Returns or sets the type of background for text used in charts. Read/write Variant which is set to one of the constants of XlBackground.



expression   A variable that represents a Font object.


XlBackground can be one of the following constants Description of text background
xlBackgroundAutomatic Font background will automatically change the background area around the text to a color that best displays the chart text on the color applied to elements under the text
xlBackgroundOpaque Font background will set the font bacground to black if the text color and fill color underneath the text are very close or the same color, such that the text would not appear
xlBackgroundTransparent Font background is set to transparent so that text background does not change if the text color is close to the color underneath the text


This example adds a chart title to embedded chart one on the first worksheet and then sets the font size and background type for the title. This example assumes a chart exists on the first worksheet.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub UseBackground()
With Worksheets(1).ChartObjects(1).Chart
    .HasTitle = True
    .ChartTitle.Text = "Rainfall Totals by Month"
    With .ChartTitle.Font
        .Size = 10
        .<strong class="bterm">Background</strong> = xlBackgroundTransparent
    End With
End With

End Sub

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