TextEffectFormat.Tracking Property

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Returns or sets the ratio of the horizontal space allotted to each character in the specified WordArt to the width of the character. Can be a value from 0 (zero) through 5. (Large values for this property specify ample space between characters; values less than 1 can produce character overlap.) Read/write Single.



expression   A variable that represents a TextEffectFormat object.


The following table gives the values of the Tracking property that correspond to the settings available in the user interface.

User interface setting Equivalent Tracking property value
Very Tight 0.8
Tight 0.9
Normal 1.0
Loose 1.2
Very Loose 1.5


This example adds WordArt that contains the text "Test" to myDocument and specifies that the characters be very tightly spaced.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Set myDocument = Worksheets(1)
Set newWordArt = myDocument.Shapes.AddTextEffect( _
    PresetTextEffect:=msoTextEffect1, Text:="Test", _
    FontName:="Arial Black", FontSize:=36, _
    FontBold:=False, FontItalic:=False, Left:=100, _
newWordArt.TextEffect.Tracking =0.8

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