Task.RemainingOvertimeCost Property

Project Developer Reference

Returns the remaining overtime cost for a Task. Read-only Variant.



expression   A variable that represents a Task object.

Return Value

The following example returns the remaining overtime cost of each task in the active project.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub ReturnOvertimeCost()
    Dim T As Task           ' Task object used in For Each loop
    Dim Results As String
For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks
    Results = Results & T.Name & ": " & ActiveProject.CurrencySymbol & _
        T.<strong class="bterm">RemainingOvertimeCost</strong> &amp; ListSeparator &amp; " "
Next T

Results = Left$(Results, Len(Results) - Len(ListSeparator &amp; " "))
MsgBox Results

End Sub

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