AcSysCmdAction Enumeration

Access Developer Reference

Used with the SysCmd method to specify an action to take.

Name Value Description
acSysCmdAccessDir 9 Returns the name of the directory where Msaccess.exe is located.
acSysCmdAccessVer 7 Returns the version number of Microsoft Access.
acSysCmdClearHelpTopic 11
acSysCmdClearStatus 5 Provides information on the state of a database object.
acSysCmdGetObjectState 10 Returns the state of the specified database object. You must specify argument1 and argument2 when you use this action value.
acSysCmdGetWorkgroupFile 13 Returns the path to the workgroup file (System.mdw).
acSysCmdIniFile 8 Returns the name of the .ini file associated with Microsoft Access.
acSysCmdInitMeter 1 Initializes the progress meter. You must specify the argument1 and argument2 arguments when you use this action.
acSysCmdProfile 12 Returns the /profile setting specified by the user when starting Microsoft Access from the command line.
acSysCmdRemoveMeter 3 Removes the progress meter.
acSysCmdRuntime 6 Returns True (–1) if a run-time version of Microsoft Access is running.
acSysCmdSetStatus 4 Sets the status bar text to the text argument.
acSysCmdUpdateMeter 2 Updates the progress meter with the specified value. You must specify the text argument when you use this action.