IFormTemplateConverter2.Import Method

InfoPath Developer Reference

Converts a provider-defined format to InfoPath form template files.

Version Information
Version Added: InfoPath 2007


expression.Import(srcPath, destPath, vfShowUI)

expression An expression that returns a IFormTemplateConverter2 object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
srcPath Required String Full path to the source file.
destPath Required String Full path to the manifest.xsf in the folder where the converted form template files will be placed.
vfShowUI Required Boolean If set to False, the converter will not show any UI other than the options dialog if requested.

Return Value


The folder specified by the


parameter is a temporary folder created by InfoPath. The converter should place the necessary form template source files there: manifest.xsf, template.xml, and so on. Do not put .xsn file in that folder. Upon completion, InfoPath will use the manifest.xsf to load the the form template. The converter can also put ancillary files in that folder.

This method is equivalent to the Convert method of the IFormTemplateConverter interface, used in InfoPath 2003 and for creating backward-compatible form templates in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007. The Import method is called on the same thread as the application, meaning users will not have access to InfoPath user interface during the conversion process.

This interface, object, member or enumeration is provided by the InfoPath design environment. A reference must be set to the Microsoft Office InfoPath Designer 2.0 Type Library, located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\IPDESIGN.DLL.

This object or member is used for extending the InfoPath application and is not intended to be used directly from your form code.

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