caption Attribute (toolbar Element)

Used as the title of the toolbar, when the toolbar is not docked to the user interface.




The caption attribute is a required attribute of the toolbar element.

Bb230389.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif Note
The caption attribute is also used for the name of the toolbar in the Customize Commands dialog box for a control.


The following is an example of the caption attribute as it is used in the toolbar element:

  <xsf:toolbar caption="CD Collection Toolbar"
   name="CD Collection Toolbar">
   <xsf:button action="xCollection::insert" xmlToEdit="CD_10"
      caption="New CD" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
   <xsf:button action="xCollection::insert" xmlToEdit="Track_14" 
      caption="New Track" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
   <xsf:button action="xOptional::insert" xmlToEdit="Label_16" 
      caption="New Label" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
   <xsf:menu caption="Remove">
      <xsf:button action="xCollection::remove" xmlToEdit="CD_10" 
         caption="CD" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
      <xsf:button action="xCollection::remove" xmlToEdit="Track_14" 
         caption="Track" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
      <xsf:button action="xOptional::remove" xmlToEdit="Label_16" 
         caption="Label" showIf="always"></xsf:button>