Project.ProjectGuideUseDefaultContent Property

Project Developer Reference

True if the Project Guide uses the Microsoft Office Project 2007 default content. False if you want to use custom content for the Project Guide. Read/write Boolean.



expression   A variable that represents a Project object.

Return Value


The following code sample changes the default content for the Project Guide to the XML file specified by the user. An input box prompts the user for the path and file name for custom Project Guide content, and Office Project 2007 sets the appropriate options in the Interface tab of the Options dialog box.

Bb237653.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
Before running this macro, change path to an example path you would like to use, and change filename to the name of an example file, such as custom.xml.
Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub UseCustomProjectGuide()
   If Projects.Count = 0 Then
      MsgBox "You must have at least one active project open."
      Exit Sub
   End If

Dim ProjectGuideURL As String ProjectGuideURL = InputBox$(Prompt:="Enter the path and " _ & "file name of the XML file for custom Project " _ & "Guide content." & Chr(13) _ & "For example, path<em>filename") If ProjectGuideURL = Empty Then Exit Sub Else ActiveProject.ProjectGuideUseDefaultContent = False ActiveProject.ProjectGuideContent = ProjectGuideURL MsgBox Prompt:="The custom Project Guide content " _ & "defined in " & ProjectGuideURL & " is " _ & "now in use for the current project." End If End Sub

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