Project.Windows Property

Project Developer Reference

Returns a Windows collection representing the open windows in the active project. Read-only Object.



expression   A variable that represents a Project object.

Return Value


The Windows property duplicates the Windows2 property, except that it returns a Windows collection rather than a Windows2 collection. The Windows2 Property and Windows2 Collection Object are recommended for all new development both in VBA and for external applications developed with the .NET Framework. The Windows property and Windows collection are maintained for backward compatibility with existing applications.

The following example cascades all the open windows.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub CascadeWindows()
    Dim I As Integer
    ActiveWindow.WindowState = pjNormal ' Restore the window.
    With Application.Windows
        For I = 1 To .Count
            .Item(I).Top = (I - 1) * 15
            .Item(I).Left = (I - 1) * 15
        Next I
    End With
End Sub

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