Application.ConvertAccessProject Method

Access Developer Reference

Converts the specified Microsoft Access file from one version to another.


expression.ConvertAccessProject(SourceFilename, DestinationFilename, DestinationFileFormat)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
SourceFilename Required String The name of the Access file to convert. If a path isn't specified, Access looks for the file in the current directory.
DestinationFilename Required String e name of the file where Access saves the converted file. If a path isn't specified, Access saves the file in the current directory.
DestinationFileFormat Required AcFileFormat An AcFileFormat constant that specifies the format of the converted file.

Return Value


The file specified by DestinationFilename cannot already exist, or an error occurs.


The following example converts the specified Access 97 file to an Access 2000 file in the same directory.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Application.ConvertAccessProject _
    SourceFilename:="C:\My Documents\Sales-Access97.mdb", _
    DestinationFilename:="C:\My Documents\Sales-Access2000.mdb", _