Application.CreateForm Method

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The CreateForm method creates a form and returns a Form object.


expression.CreateForm(Database, FormTemplate)

expression A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
Database Optional Variant The name of the database that contains the form template you want to use to create a form. If you want the current database, omit this argument. If you want to use an open library database, specify the library database with this argument.
FormTemplate Optional Variant The name of the form you want to use as a template to create a new form.

Return Value


You can use the CreateForm method when designing a wizard that creates a new form.

The CreateForm method opens a new, minimized form in form Design view.

If the name you use for the formtemplate argument isn't valid, Visual Basic uses the form template specified by the Form Template setting on the Forms/Reports tab of the Options dialog box.


This example creates a new form in the Northwind sample database based on the Customers form, and sets its RecordSource property to the Customers table. Run this code from the Northwind sample database.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub NewForm()
    Dim frm As Form

    ' Create form based on Customers form.
    Set frm = CreateForm( , "Customers")
    ' Set RecordSource property to Customers table.
    frm.RecordSource = "Customers"
End Sub

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