Application.DefaultWorkspaceClone Method

Access Developer Reference

You can use the DefaultWorkspaceClone method to create a new Workspace object without requiring the user to log on again. For example, if you need to conduct two sets of transactions simultaneously in separate workspaces, you can use the DefaultWorkspaceClone method to create a second Workspace object with the same user name and password without prompting the user for this information again.



expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Return Value


Bb237883.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif Note
In Microsoft Access, the DefaultWorkspaceClone method is included in this version of Microsoft Access only for compatibility with previous versions using Data Access Object (DAO) language.

The DefaultWorkspaceClone method creates a clone of the default Workspace object in Microsoft Access. The properties of the Workspace object clone have settings identical to those of the default Workspace object, except for the Name property setting. For the default Workspace object, the value of the Name property is always #Default Workspace#. For the cloned Workspace object, it is #CloneAccess#.

The UserName property of the default Workspace object indicates the name under which the current user logged on. The Workspace object clone is equivalent to the Workspace object that would be created if the same user logged on again with the same password.