List Object

Project Developer Reference

Represents a collection of strings or numbers that contain field identification numbers, field names, reports, resource filters, resource tables, resource views, task filters, task tables, task views, or views. (There is no collection for List objects.) It can be accessed through the List properties of the appropriate objects.


Using the List Object

Use a property such as the ReportList property to return a List object. The following example displays a list of all the reports available in the active project.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Dim Items As Integer, ReportNames As String

For Items = 1 To ActiveProject.ReportList.Count ReportNames = ActiveProject.ReportList(Items) & _ ListSeparator & " " & ReportNames Next Items

MsgBox Left$(ReportNames, Len(ReportNames) - Len(ListSeparator & " "))

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