PpSlideLayout Enumeration

Constants that specify the layout of the slide, passed to and returned by the Layout property of the Slide and SlideRange objects.

Version Information
 Version Added:  PowerPoint 2007

Name Value Description
ppLayoutBlank 12 Blank
ppLayoutChart 8 Chart
ppLayoutChartAndText 6 Chart and text
ppLayoutClipartAndText 10 Clipart and text
ppLayoutClipArtAndVerticalText 26 ClipArt and vertical text
ppLayoutCustom 32 Custom
ppLayoutFourObjects 24 Four objects
ppLayoutLargeObject 15 Large object
ppLayoutMediaClipAndText 18 MediaClip and text
ppLayoutMixed -2 Mixed
ppLayoutObject 16 Object
ppLayoutObjectAndText 14 Object and text
ppLayoutObjectAndTwoObjects 30 Object and two objects
ppLayoutObjectOverText 19 Object over text
ppLayoutOrgchart 7 Organization chart
ppLayoutTable 4 Table
ppLayoutText 2 Text
ppLayoutTextAndChart 5 Text and chart
ppLayoutTextAndClipart 9 Text and clipart
ppLayoutTextAndMediaClip 17 Text and MediaClip
ppLayoutTextAndObject 13 Text and object
ppLayoutTextAndTwoObjects 21 Text and two objects
ppLayoutTextOverObject 20 Text over object
ppLayoutTitle 1 Title
ppLayoutTitleOnly 11 Title only
ppLayoutTwoColumnText 3 Two-column text
ppLayoutTwoObjects 29 Two objects
ppLayoutTwoObjectsAndObject 31 Two objects and object
ppLayoutTwoObjectsAndText 22 Two objects and text
ppLayoutTwoObjectsOverText 23 Two objects over text
ppLayoutVerticalText 25 Vertical text
ppLayoutVerticalTitleAndText 27 Vertical title and text
ppLayoutVerticalTitleAndTextOverChart 28 Vertical title and text over chart