viewsExtension Element

Contains viewExtension elements that specify extended information for the views in this form template.


<viewsExtension />

Element Information

Element type xsd:complexType
Namespace xsf2

Elements and Attributes

Parent Elements

Element Description
solutionDefinition Root element for the elements defined in the xsf2 namespace. Specifies new properties and features that have been added to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 form templates.

Child Elements

Element Description
viewExtension Specifies the extended information for the corresponding view element in the manifest.xsf.




<xsd:element name="viewsExtension">
         <xsd:element ref="xsf2:viewExtension" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" />


Note This element or attribute must be present and valid in the form definition file (.xsf), before InfoPath Forms Services will allow the form template to be deployed to the server as a browser-compatible form.