RGBColor Object

PowerPoint Developer Reference

Represents a single color in a color scheme.


Use the Colors method to return an RGBColor object. You can set an RGBColor object to another RGBColor object. You can use the RGB property to set or return the explicit red-green-blue value for an RGBColor object, with the exception of the RGBColor objects defined by the ppNotSchemeColor and ppSchemeColorMixed constants. The RGB property can be returned, but not set, for these two objects. The following example sets the background color in color scheme one in the active presentation to red and sets the title color to the title color that's defined for color scheme two.

Visual Basic for Applications
  With ActivePresentation.ColorSchemes
    .Item(1).Colors(ppBackground).RGB = RGB(255, 0, 0)
    .Item(1).Colors(ppTitle) = .Item(2).Colors(ppTitle)
End With

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