Project Server Report Pack

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The Project Server 2007 Report Pack provides usable reports for common requests and shows some of the new functionality in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. The Report Pack also provides report developers with sample queries for correctly retrieving data from the Project Server Reporting database (RDB).

To produce useful reports, each of the seven report samples requires relevant data in your Project Server databases. In a test installation of Project Server, you might need to add sample data for the reports.

The reports require Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1, with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2005. The report projects are created with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio, which is an extension of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Business Intelligence Development Studio is installed with SQL Server.

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Report Pack Setup

Cost Center Availability Report

Project Deliverable Gives/Gets Report

Project Portfolio Trend Report

Project Proposals Listing Report

Project Review Report

Timesheet Audit Report

Work Versus Effort Audit Report


The Project 2007 SDK download contains the Project Server Report Pack files in the Code Samples\Report Pack subdirectory. For a link to the download, see Welcome to the Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK.

The Reporting Database and Report Data Service

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