Provides an Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) store object that has been unwrapped and that allows access to items in the Personal Folders file (PST) without invoking synchronization and downloading the items.

Quick Info

Inherited from: IUnknown
Provided By: Message store provider
Interface identifier: IID_IProxyStoreObject

Vtable Order

Placeholder member Not supported or documented.
UnwrapNoRef Gets a pointer to an unwrapped IMAP store.
Placeholder member Not supported or documented.


Call IUnknown::QueryInterface on the source message store to obtain the IProxyStoreObject interface. Then call IProxyStoreObject::UnwrapNoRef to obtain the unwrapped store object. If QueryInterface returns the error MAPI_E_INTERFACE_NOT_SUPPORTED, then the store has not been wrapped.

Because UnwrapNoRef does not increment the reference count for this new pointer to the unwrapped store object, after successfully calling UnwrapNoRef, you should call IUnknown::AddRef to maintain the reference count.

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