Gets a pointer to an unwrapped Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) store object that provides access to the underlying Personal Folders file (PST) without invoking synchronization and downloading the items.

Quick Info

See IProxyStoreObject.

  HRESULT IProxyStoreObject::UnwrapNoRef (
    LPVOID *ppvObject



[out] Pointer to an IMsgStore store object that is unwrapped.

Return Values


The call was successful and a pointer to an unwrapped interface has been returned in ppvObject.


Without first unwrapping an IMAP store, accessing a message in the store can force a synchronization that attempts to download the entire message. Using the unwrapped store allows access to the message in its current state without triggering a download.

Because UnwrapNoRef does not increment the reference count for this new pointer to the unwrapped store object, after successfully calling UnwrapNoRef, you should call IUnknown::AddRef to maintain the reference count.

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