A string that represents the name of a MAPI provider that is displayed adjacent to the provider's icon in the Microsoft Office Outlook status bar.

Quick Info

Exposed by: Profile section objects
Identifier: 0x3418
Property type: PT_UNICODE
Property tag: 0x3418001F
Access: Read/write


The MAPI provider name is the full name of the provider, for example, Microsoft Exchange. Displaying this name is optional. The provider can also optionally specify a custom icon for the online scenario, and another icon for the offline scenario, to be displayed in the status bar. For more information, see PR_PROVIDER_ICON_W.

By default, if the provider does not specify any custom display name or custom icon, Outlook shows only the default online and offline icons in the status bar.

Outlook always assumes that the name of the MAPI provider is in Unicode representation and uses only this property to obtain any custom provider display name.

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