Specifies information about the version of Microsoft Exchange Server that accounts in a Microsoft Office Outlook profile are connected to.

Quick Info

Exposed by: Profile section objects
Identifier: 0x661B
Property type: PT_LONG
Property tag: 0x661B0003
Access: Read-only


A profile can specify one or more accounts that connect to an Exchange Server, but they must be connected to the same Exchange Server.

Versions of Outlook earlier than Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 may write to this property to store information about the version of Exchange Server that the active profile is connected to. However, the format of the version information varies over different versions of Exchange Server. For example, Outlook stores in PR_PROFILE_SERVER_VERSION the decimal value 6944 to represent only the major build number in the version identifier of 6.5.6944.3 for Exchange Server 2003. For an Exchange Server 2007 connection, Outlook stores the major version number and the major build number in a concatenation of the hexadecimal representations of these numbers in the property. An Exchange Server 2007 version identifier of 8.0.685.24 has a major version number 8 and a major build number 685 in decimal. Converting both numbers to hexadecimal, you get 0x8 and 0x2AD. Concatenating these two numbers, Outlook stores the value 0x82AD in PR_PROFILE_SERVER_VERSION in hexadecimal representation.

Outlook 2007 does not read or write to this property. It supports PR_PROFILE_SERVER_FULL_VERSION.

Only one of PR_PROFILE_SERVER_VERSION or PR_PROFILE_SERVER_FULL_VERSION is likely to exist in a profile, but there is no guarantee that either always exists in a profile. Outlook does not write to either property until it has successfully connected to the Exchange Server.

In the Outlook object model, you can use the ExchangeMailboxServerVersion property of the NameSpace object to find the version of Exchange Server that the active mailbox is hosted on.

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