Supports accessing and enumerating free/busy blocks of data for a user within a time range.

Quick Info

Inherits from: IUnknown
Provided by: Free/busy provider
Interface identifier: IEnumFBBlock

Vtable Order

Next Gets the next block of free/busy data.
Skip Skips a specified number of blocks of free/busy data.
Reset Resets the enumerator to the beginning.
Clone Creates a copy of the enumerator.
Restrict Restricts the enumeration to a specified time period.


An enumeration contains free/busy blocks of data that do not overlap in time. When there are overlapping items on a calendar, Outlook merges these items to form non-overlapping free/busy blocks in the enumeration based on this order of precedence: out-of-office, busy, tentative.

A free/busy provider obtains this interface and the enumeration for a time range for a user through IFreeBusyData.

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