Represents the entry ID of the first e-mail address for the Microsoft Office Outlook contact item.

Quick Info

Exposed on: Message objects representing contacts
Created by: Outlook
Accessed by: Outlook and solution providers
Property type: PT_STRING8
Access type: Read-only


To retrieve the value of this property, first use IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames to obtain the property tag, and then specify this property tag in IMAPIProp::GetProps to get the value. When calling IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames, specify the following values for the MAPINAMEID structure pointed at by the input parameter lppPropNames:

lpGuid: PSETID_Address
ulKind: MNID_ID
Kind.lID: dispidEmail1OriginalEntryID

This named property provides an alternative way to obtain the value of the Email1EntryID property of the ContactItem in the Outlook object model when you retrieve the property value by using the PropertyAccessor object.

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