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Decrements the reference count, cleans up, and deletes per-instance global data for the MAPI DLL.

Header file:


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Called by:

Client applications

void MAPIUninitialize ( void );



Return Value



A client application calls the MAPIUninitialize function to end its interaction with MAPI, begun with a call to the MAPIInitialize function. After MAPIUninitialize is called, no other MAPI calls can be made by the client.

MAPIUninitialize decrements the reference count, and the corresponding MAPIInitialize function increments the reference count. Thus, the number of calls to one function must equal the number of calls to the other.


You cannot call MAPIInitialize or MAPIUninitialize from within a Win32 DllMain function or any other function that creates or terminates threads. For more information, see Using Thread-Safe Objects.