PidTagServiceDllName Canonical Property

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Contains the filename of the DLL containing the message service provider entry point function to call for configuration.

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MAPI profile


When the entry point function name appears in the PR_SERVICE_ENTRY_NAME (PidTagServiceEntryName) method, it indicates that the entry point exists.

MAPI uses a DLL file naming convention. The base filename contains up to six characters that uniquely identify the DLL. MAPI appends the string 32 to the base DLL name to identify the version that runs on 32-bit platforms. For example, when the name MAPI.DLL is specified, MAPI constructs the name MAPI32.DLL to represent the corresponding 32-bit version of the DLL.

These properties should specify the base name. MAPI appends the string 32 as appropriate. Including the string 32 as part of these properties result in an error.

Header Files

  • Mapidefs.h
    Provides data type definitions.

  • Mapitags.h
    Contains definitions of properties listed as alternate names.

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