PidTagSentRepresentingSearchKey Canonical Property

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Contains the search key for the messaging user represented by the sender.

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This property is one of the address properties for the messaging user who is being represented by the sender. When a client application sends a message on behalf of another client, it should set all the represented sender properties to the values for that client. A messaging user sending on its own behalf typically leaves the represented sender properties unset.

The outgoing transport provider must always leave this property unchanged if it has been set by the sending client. If it is unset, the transport provider should set it to PR_SENDER_SEARCH_KEY (PidTagSenderSearchKey) on the outbound copy of the message, and leave it unset on the local copy.

Protocol Specifications

    Provides references to related Exchange Server protocol specifications.

    Specifies the properties and operations that are permissible for e-mail message objects.

    Handles the order and flow for data transfers between a client and server.

    Converts between IETF RFC2445, RFC2446, and RFC2447, and appointment and meeting objects.

    Specifies the properties and operations for appointment, meeting request, and response messages.

    Specifies the properties and operations that are permissible for post objects.

    Specifies the properties and operations that are permissible for contact and personal distribution lists.

Header Files

  • Mapidefs.h
    Provides data type definitions.

  • Mapitags.h
    Contains definitions of properties listed as associated properties.

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