PidTagReadReceiptRequested Canonical Property

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Contains TRUE if a message sender wants the messaging system to generate a read report when the recipient has read a message.

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This property must be set to TRUE to validate the values in the PR_READ_RECEIPT_ENTRYID (PidTagReadReceiptEntryId) and PR_READ_RECEIPT_SEARCH_KEY (PidTagReadReceiptSearchKey) properties.

If a message with PR_READ_RECEIPT_REQUESTED set is deleted or expires before the messaging system can generate a read report, a nonread report is generated.

Protocol Specifications

    Provides references to related Exchange Server protocol specifications.

    Specifies the properties and operations that are permissible for e-mail message objects.

Header Files

  • Mapidefs.h
    Provides data type definitions.

  • Mapitags.h
    Contains definitions of properties listed as alternate names.

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