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An unpacked 2007 Microsoft Office system file consists of a series of directories that contain XML files. For example, if a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document contains Microsoft SmartArt graphics, the XML code that controls the SmartArt graphics is located in the DecompressedFileName\word\diagrams\ directory.

SmartArt Graphic Definition Files

Each SmartArt graphic is constructed from the data in four separate XML files: a graphic layout definition, data definition, style definition, and color variation definition file.

Graphic Layout Definition

Example file name: Layout1.xml

This definition specifies the algorithm, parameters, constraints, and rules for building the layout. It also contains defaults for shape geometry, style labels, graphic classification information, and sample data.

Data Definition

Example file name: Data1.xml

This file stores the text or data that the user enters into the graphic. This includes all the text data and formatting customizations that the graphic displays. Data is stored in a hierarchical list format (a bulleted list several levels deep). SmartArt graphics use the hierarchy and text in the data definition and the layout information in the graphic layout definition to create the graphic.

Style Definition

Example file name: Quickstyle1.xml

This file defines the style used in the graphic. The file contains all the text effects for each style label in the style, which may or may not be used in the graphic. User overrides to style formatting are stored in the data file. For more information, see Style Labels.

Color Variation Definition

Example file name: Colors1.xml

This file defines the predefined color formatting as applied by using style labels. Not all this information may be referenced in the graphic, and user overrides are stored in the data file.

Multiple SmartArt Graphics

If the 2007 Office system file contains more than one SmartArt graphic, the XML files that control the second and subsequent graphics increment the trailing number in the file name. For example, the files that control a second graphic would be named Layout2.xml, Data2.xml, Quickstyle2.xml, and Colors2.xml.

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