Msoloop Enumeration

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Specifies reasons for pushing a message loop.

enum {
   msoloopFocusWait = 1,
   msoloopDoEvents = 2,
   msoloopDebug = 3,
   msoloopModalForm = 4,
   msoloopModalAlert = 5


  • msoloopFocusWait
    The component is activating the host.

  • msoloopDoEvents
    The component is requesting that the host process messages.

  • msoloopDebug
    The component has entered debug mode.

  • msoloopModalForm
    The component is displaying a modal form.

  • msoloopModalAlert
    The component is displaying a modal form. This is similar to the msoloopModalForm constant except that the component should act as much like a blocking call as possible.

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