Miscellaneous Section

Contains various attributes of shapes and groups, such as control selection highlighting and visibility.


You can set the value of many of the cells in this section in the ShapeSheet window, or on the Behavior tab in the Behavior dialog box (Format menu) in the drawing window. You can set other group properties using cells in the Group Properties section.

In Visio version 5.0 products, this section included ObjInteract and ObjBehavior cells. The behavior in the ObjInteract cell is now mapped to the following cells in the Shape Layout section: ShapeFixedCode, ShapePermeableX, ShapePermeableY, and ShapePermeablePlace. The behavior in the ObjBehavior cell is now mapped to the ConFixedCode and ShapeRouteStyle cells.

In Visio version 5.0 Japanese products, this section included a VerticalText cell. In Visio version 2000 products and later, the value of this cell is stored in the TextDirection cell in the Text Block Format section.