ArcTo Row (Geometry Section)

Contains the x- and y-coordinates and bow of a circular arc.

An ArcTo row contains the following cells.

Cell Description


The x-coordinate of the ending vertex of an arc.


The y-coordinate of the ending vertex of an arc.


The distance from the arc's midpoint to the midpoint of its chord.


Arcs drawn in Visio are elliptical arcs, even if they are based on a circle. By default, drawn arcs are represented by an EllipticalArcTo row in a ShapeSheet window. To show an ArcTo row in a ShapeSheet window, you must draw an arc, and then change the EllipticalArcTo row type to an ArcTo row type; in effect you are changing an elliptical arc to a circular arc.

To change a row type, right-click a row, and then click Change Row Type on the shortcut menu.