SplineStart Row (Geometry Section)

Contains x- and y-coordinates for a spline's second control point, its second knot, its first knot, the last knot, and the degree of the spline.

A SplineStart row contains the following cells.

Cell Description


The x-coordinate of a spline's second control point.


The y-coordinate of a spline's second control point.


The second knot of the spline.


The first knot of a spline.


The last knot of a spline.


The degree of a spline (an integer from 1 to 25).


Visio displays the definition of a spline in a Geometry section that contains a SplineStart row followed by one or more SplineKnot rows. The SplineStart row must be preceded by another kind of row, such as a MoveTo row, to indicate the first control point of the spline. The preceding row can be a LineTo, ArcTo, NURBSTo, PolylineTo, or EllipticalArcTo row if the spline follows a segment of that type.