DurationFormatType Enumeration

Specifies the time unit to use when displaying a duration.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Conversion
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Shared (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Shared.dll)


Public Enumeration DurationFormatType
Dim instance As DurationFormatType
public enum DurationFormatType


Member name Description
EstimatedFlag Value=1 << 5. A result is estimated.
Invalid Value=-1. Invalid.
SwitchToEstimatedDuration Value=-2. The duration is estimated.
Seconds Value=1. Seconds.
ElapsedSeconds Value=2. Elapsed seconds.
Minutes Value=3. Minutes.
ElapsedMinutes Value=4. Elapsed minutes.
Hours Value=5. Hours.
ElapsedHours Value=6. Elapsed hours.
Days Value=7. Days. This is the default value.
ElapsedDays Value=8. Elapsed days.
Weeks Value=9. Weeks.
ElapsedWeeks Value=10. Elapsed weeks.
Months Value=11. Months.
ElapsedMonths Value=12. Elapsed months.
Quarters Value=13. Quarters.
ElapsedQuarters Value=14. Elapsed quarters.
Years Value=15. Years.
ElapsedYears Value=16. Elapsed years.
Decades Value=17. Decades.
ElapsedDecades Value=18. Elapsed Decades.
Percent Value=19. Percent.
ElapsedPercent Value=20. Elapsed percent.
None Value=21. None.
Material Value=22. Material usage.
Default Value=7. The default value is days.

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