TextConversionStatus Enumeration

Indicates the outcome of a text conversion operation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Conversion
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Project.Shared (in Microsoft.Office.Project.Shared.dll)


Public Enumeration TextConversionStatus
Dim instance As TextConversionStatus
public enum TextConversionStatus


Member name Description
Success Value=0. Successful conversion.
NaN Value=1. Required numeric value is not a number.
LossOfPrecision Value=2. Loss of precision in a converted value.
WorkOutOfRange Value=3. The work value is outside the valid range of values.
DateOutOfRange Value=4. The date value is outside the valid range of values.
DurationOutOfRange Value=5. The duration value is outside the valid range of values.
MissingRateSeparator Value=6. A missing rate separator caused a rate conversion failure.
LCIDNotSupported Value=7. The LCID is not supported.
MissingInput Value=8. Missing input.
ParseFailure Value=9. Unspecified parse failure.
InvalidFormatType Value=10. The format type is invalid.
InvalidConversionType Value=11. The conversion type is invalid or not supported.
DayOfWeekMismatch Value=12. The parsed day of the week and date do not match.
PercentageOutOfRange Value=13. The parsed percentage is outside the valid range of values.


Use IsSuccess when determining whether to return true for a public method.

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