TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsDataTable.AddCustomFieldsRow Method

Adds a CustomFieldsRow object to the CustomFieldsDataTable.

Namespace:  WebSvcTimeSheet
Assembly:  ProjectServerWebServices (in ProjectServerWebServices.dll)


Public Sub AddCustomFieldsRow ( _
    row As TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsRow _
Dim instance As TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsDataTable
Dim row As TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsRow

public void AddCustomFieldsRow(
    TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsRow row



The AddCustomFieldsRow method signature is overloaded as follows:

  • Third-party developers should use the overload that has a single TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsRow parameter, for example, AddCustomFieldsRow(TimesheetDataSet.CustomFieldsRow row).

  • The Object Explorer in Microsoft Visual Studio shows another overload that uses individual parameters for all fields in CustomFieldsRow. The overload is used internally.

    public CustomFieldsRow AddCustomFieldsRow(
        System.Guid CUSTOM_FIELD_UID, 
        System.Guid TS_UID, 
        System.Guid TS_LINE_UID, 
        System.Guid MD_PROP_UID, 
        int MD_PROP_ID, 
        byte FIELD_TYPE_ENUM, 
        bool FLAG_VALUE, 
        string TEXT_VALUE, 
        System.DateTime DATE_VALUE, 
        System.Guid CODE_VALUE, 
        int DUR_VALUE, 
        decimal NUM_VALUE, 
        byte DUR_FMT, 
        int INDICATOR_VALUE) 

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