Project Server Programming Tasks

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This section includes many of the "how-to" and walkthrough topics for using the Project Server Interface (PSI). Examples include creating lookup tables and custom fields, using the QueueSystem Web service, and writing event handlers in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.

For similar topics in other sections, see Custom Web Parts and Integration with Windows SharePoint Services.

In This Section

How to: Log on to Project Server Programmatically

How to: Write and Debug a Project Server Event Handler

Walkthrough: Creating a Hierarchical Lookup Table

How to: Create an Enterprise Custom Field

Walkthrough: Creating and Using Custom Project Server Permissions Learn how to add a custom permission to the Published database and secure a link in the Quick Launch in Project Web Access.

How to: Use the QueueSystem Web Service

How to: Use a Filter Parameter with PSI Methods

Using Impersonation in Project Server Learn how to develop a simple console application that uses impersonation.

Using the ProjTool Test Application   The ProjTool application source code in the Project 2007 SDK download includes many PSI examples that use the Project, Resource, LookupTable, CustomFields, and other Web services.

How to: Generate ChangeXML for Statusing Updates You can use the ChangeXMLUtil test application as a model for other specialized applications or to generate values for the ChangeXML parameter in Statusing methods.

How to: Customize E-Mail for Project Server Notifications Learn how to extract the default XSLT files, configure an SMTP virtual server for a test installation of Project Server, and create an event handler for the Notifications Sending event that uses a custom XSLT to send an e-mail for a specific alert or reminder.


PSI Reference Overview

Project Server Interface (PSI) Overview

Project Server Events

Custom Web Parts

Integration with Windows SharePoint Services

Using Security Methods in the PSI

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