Using the Reporting Database

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This section includes articles about the Reporting database (RDB) in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. You will learn how the RDB operates, and how to modify the RDB and create custom reports.

In This Section

The Reporting Database and Report Data Service

PSI Methods for the RDB

Events for the RDB

Project Server Report Pack


The Reporting Database Schema reference is available in the Project 2007 SDK download (pj12ProjectSDK.exe). After you install the pj12ProjectSDK.exe file, you can find the Reporting Database Schema reference file—pj12ReportingDB.chm—in the Reporting and Cube Schemas subdirectory.

The Project 2007 SDK download also contains the Project Server Report Pack files in the Code Samples\Report Pack subdirectory. For a link to the download, see Welcome to the Microsoft Office Project 2007 SDK.

Project Server Integration

PSI Reference Overview

Project Server Interface (PSI) Overview

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