ProjectDataSet.TaskRow.TASK_DUR_IS_EST Property

Indicates whether the TASK_DUR_FMT is an estimate.

Namespace:  WebSvcProject
Assembly:  ProjectServerWebServices (in ProjectServerWebServices.dll)


Public Property TASK_DUR_IS_EST As Boolean
Dim instance As ProjectDataSet.TaskRow
Dim value As Boolean

value = instance.TASK_DUR_IS_EST

instance.TASK_DUR_IS_EST = value
public bool TASK_DUR_IS_EST { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: System.Boolean


If TASK_DUR_IS_EST is true, a question mark appears beside the duration in Project Professional.

TASK_DUR_IS_EST is modifiable. Changing the value changes TASK_DUR_FMT. Likewise, changing TASK_DUR_FMT modifies the value of ASK_DUR_IS_EST.

For example, if the current value of TASK_DUR_FMT is 39 (EstDay) and you set the value of TASK_DUR_IS_EST to false, TASK_DUR_FMT changes to 7 (Day) to indicate the duration is not an estimate.

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