Introduction to the ChangeList Schema and Statusing ChangeXML

Applies to: Office 2010 | Project 2010 | Project Server 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

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Supported Field Types
Creating a Statusing ChangeXml String
Using Statusing ChangeXml

The ChangeList schema defines the XML elements used to construct a changeXml parameter string for the UpdateStatus method in the Statusing Web service. A changeXml parameter string defines the fields to update, and specifies the values for those fields.

The UpdateStatus method uses the changeXml parameter to make programmatic updates to a project without requiring that the project be checked out. You can use a single changeXml string to define updates to multiple projects. For each project, you can specify one or more updates.


The SetAssignmentWorkData method uses a changeXML parameter that follows the SetAssignmentWorkData schema, which is different from the ChangeList schema. For more information, see SetAssignmentWorkData Schema Reference.

Supported Field Types

You can update the following types of project fields by using a changeXml string:

  • Supported assignment fields

  • Supported timephased assignment fields

  • Supported task fields

  • Simple assignment custom fields

  • Assignment lookup table values

For tables of the supported assignment and task fields, see Supported Project Fields and Field Information for Statusing ChangeXML.

Creating a Statusing ChangeXml String

You can write changeXml strings manually or programmatically, or generate them by using the Project Server ChangeXML Utility. For a simple example of programmatically constructing a changeXml string, see the example code in the UpdateStatus method. For more information and a tool for constructing a changeXml string, see How to: Generate ChangeXML for Statusing Updates in the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 SDK).


The Project Server ChangeXML Utility is included in the Project 2007 SDK download. See Project 2007 SDK: Software Development Kit

Using Statusing ChangeXml

A changeXml string is passed to the UpdateStatus method as a parameter.

When capturing Statusing events, the following classes provide a changeXml string:

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