FontSize Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the FontSize class.

Namespace:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing
Assembly:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml (in DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll)


Public Sub New

Dim instance As New FontSize()
public FontSize()


sz (Font Size)

This element specifies the font size which shall be applied to all non-complex script characters in the contents of this run when displayed.

If this element is not present, the default value is to leave the value applied at previous level in the style hierarchy. If this element is never applied in the style hierarchy, then any appropriate font size may be used for non-complex script characters.

Consider a run of text which shall have an explicit font size of 13.5 points for the non-complex script contents of the run. This constraint is specified using the following WordprocessingML:

  <w:sz w:val="27"/>

This run explicitly declares that the sz property is 27 half-point for the non-complex script contents of this run, so the text will be displayed in 13.5 point font size.

Parent Elements




val (Half Point Measurement)

Specifies a positive measurement specified in half-points (1/144 of an inch).

The contents of this attribute value are interpreted based on the context of the parent XML element.

Consider the following WordprocessingML fragment:

  <w:sz w:val="28" /> 

The value of the val attribute is the font size of the run's contents.

However, consider the following fragment:

  <w:kern w:val="30" />

In this case, the value in the val attribute is the minimum size for which font characters shall be automatically kerned.

In each case, the value is interpreted in the context of the parent element.

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the ST_HpsMeasure simple type.

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

<complexType name="CT_HpsMeasure">
   <attribute name="val" type="ST_HpsMeasure" use="required"/>

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