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The WorkbookProperties type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AllowRefreshQuery Allow Refresh Query.Represents the attribte in schema: allowRefreshQuery
Public property AutoCompressPictures Auto Compress Pictures.Represents the attribte in schema: autoCompressPictures
Public property BackupFile Create Backup File.Represents the attribte in schema: backupFile
Public property CheckCompatibility Check Compatibility On Save.Represents the attribte in schema: checkCompatibility
Public property ChildElements Gets all the child nodes of this element. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property CodeName Code Name.Represents the attribte in schema: codeName
Public property Date1904 Date 1904.Represents the attribte in schema: date1904
Public property DateCompatibility dateCompatibility, this property is only available in Office2010.Represents the attribte in schema: dateCompatibility
Public property DefaultThemeVersion Default Theme Version.Represents the attribte in schema: defaultThemeVersion
Public property ExtendedAttributes Gets all extended attributes (attributes not defined in schema) of the element. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property FilterPrivacy Filter Privacy.Represents the attribte in schema: filterPrivacy
Public property FirstChild Gets the first child of the OpenXmlElement. If there is no such OpenXmlElement, a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) is returned. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property HasAttributes Gets a boolean value indicating whether the current element has any attributes. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property HasChildren Gets a value indicating whether this element has any child elements. (Inherited from OpenXmlLeafElement.)
Public property HidePivotFieldList Hide Pivot Field List.Represents the attribte in schema: hidePivotFieldList
Public property InnerText Gets the concatenated values of the node and all its children. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property InnerXml Gets or sets the markup representing only the child nodes of this node. (Inherited from OpenXmlLeafElement.)
Public property LastChild Gets the last child of the OpenXmlElement. If there is no such OpenXmlElement, a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) is returned. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property LocalName Gets the local name of the element. (Overrides OpenXmlElement.LocalName.)
Public property MCAttributes Markup Compatibility Attributes Set. Return null if there is no Markup Compatibility Attribute defined in this element. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property NamespaceDeclarations Gets all the namespace declarations defined in the current element. Return an empty enumerator if there is no namespace declaration. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property NamespaceUri Gets the namespace URI of this node. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property OpenXmlElementContext Gets the OpenXmlEementContext. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property OuterXml Gets the markup representing this element and all its child elements. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property Parent Gets the parent of this element. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property Prefix Gets the namespace prefix of this node. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)
Public property PromptedSolutions Prompted Solutions.Represents the attribte in schema: promptedSolutions
Public property PublishItems Publish Items.Represents the attribte in schema: publishItems
Public property RefreshAllConnections Refresh all Connections on Open.Represents the attribte in schema: refreshAllConnections
Public property SaveExternalLinkValues Save External Link Values.Represents the attribte in schema: saveExternalLinkValues
Public property ShowBorderUnselectedTables Show Border Unselected Table.Represents the attribte in schema: showBorderUnselectedTables
Public property ShowInkAnnotation Show Ink Annotations.Represents the attribte in schema: showInkAnnotation
Public property ShowObjects Show Objects.Represents the attribte in schema: showObjects
Public property ShowPivotChartFilter Show Pivot Chart Filter.Represents the attribte in schema: showPivotChartFilter
Public property UpdateLinks Update Links Behavior.Represents the attribte in schema: updateLinks
Public property XmlQualifiedName Gets the qualified name of the node. (Inherited from OpenXmlElement.)


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