UInt16Value.FromUInt16 Method

Returns a new UInt16Value object created from UInt16.

Namespace:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml
Assembly:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml (in DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll)


Public Shared Function FromUInt16 ( _
    value As UShort _
) As UInt16Value
Dim value As UShort
Dim returnValue As UInt16Value

returnValue = UInt16Value.FromUInt16(value)
public static UInt16Value FromUInt16(
    ushort value


  • value
    Type: System.UInt16
    A UInt16 value to create a new UInt16Value object from.

Return Value

Type: DocumentFormat.OpenXml.UInt16Value
A UInt16Value that corresponds to the value parameter.

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