Project 2010 Overview for Developers

Applies to: Office 2010 | Project 2010 | Project Server 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft Project Server 2010 builds on the Project Server Interface (PSI) Web service framework introduced in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and integrates the features of Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007. The Project Server 2010 platform is built with the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Many Web methods in the PSI return or consume Microsoft ADO.NET DataSet objects. Project Web App requires Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as a base for the functionality of new features, such as the Report Center and workflows with project detail pages.

In This Section

Project Server 2010 Architecture describes the major parts of the Project platform, including the Project clients and Project Server.

Workflow and Demand Management provides an overview of governance workflows for project proposals, enterprise project templates, phases and stages of a project life cycle, and project detail pages.

Scenarios for Project Server Development describes new development scenarios for Project Server 2010.

Cube Build Service lists the OLAP cubes available in Project Server 2010 and summarizes the main new features of the Cube Build Service (CBS).

Project Server Cache Synchronization describes how Project Server handles data caching, version tracking, and deleting projects and other entities.

Custom Fields in Project 2010 lists new features for custom fields in Project 2010. Subtopics include explanations of local and enterprise custom fields, graphical indicators, and using custom fields with the Reporting database and OLAP cubes.

Project Client Programming summarizes changes in the VBA object model for Project 2010.


PSI Reference Overview lists the documented assemblies and Web services for Project Server 2010.

What's New for Developers in Project 2010 describes major new features in Project Server 2010 for creating custom solutions and integrating with other applications.

Project Server Interface (PSI) Overview provides information on using the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Web service (ASMX) interfaces of the PSI.


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