ObjectFrame.BackShade Property (Access)

Gets or sets the shade applied to the theme color in the BackColor property of the specified object. Read/write Single.

Version Information

Version Added: Access 2010


expression .BackShade

expression A variable that represents an ObjectFrame object.


The BackShade property contains a numeric expression that can be used to darken the theme color in the BackColor property. The default value of the BackShade property is 100, which is neutral, and does not change the theme color. To darken the color, first determine the percentage by which to darken from 1 to 100, then subtract that value as a whole number from 100 and use the remainder. For example, to darken the theme color by 75%, subtract 75 from 100 and use the remainder, which is 25.

This property is not surfaced in the property sheet.


The following code example darkens the BackColor property by 75%.


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