PublishObject.Source Property (Excel)

Returns a Variant value that represents the unique name that identifies items that have a SourceType property value of xlSourceRange, xlSourceChart, xlSourcePrintArea, xlSourceAutoFilter, xlSourcePivotTable, or xlSourceQuery.


expression .Source

expression A variable that represents a PublishObject object.


If the SourceType property is set to xlSourceRange, this property returns a range, which can be a defined name. If the SourceType property is set to xlSourceChart, xlSourcePivotTable, or xlSourceQuery, this property returns the name of the object, such as a chart name, a PivotTable report name, or a query table name.


This example determines the unique name of the first chart (in the first workbook) saved as a Web page, and then it sets the Boolean variable blnChartFound to True. If no items in the document have been saved as Chart components, blnChartFound is False.

blnChartFound = False 
For Each objPO In Workbooks(1).PublishObjects 
 If objPO.SourceType = xlSourceChart Then 
 strFirstPO = objPO.Source 
 blnChartFound = True 
 Exit For 
 End If 
Next objPO

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