ColorStop Object (Excel)

Represents the color stop point for a gradient fill in a range or selection.

Version Information

Version Added: Excel 2007


The ColorStop object enables you to set properties for the cell fill including the Color, ThemeColor, and TintAndShade properties.


The following example shows how to apply properties to a ColorStop object.


With Selection.Interior 
 .Pattern = xlPatternLinearGradient 
 .Gradient.Degree = 135 
End With 
With Selection.Interior.Gradient.ColorStops.Add(0) 
 .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorDark1 
 .TintAndShade = 0 
End With 
With Selection.Interior.Gradient.ColorStops.Add(0.5) 
 .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorAccent1 
 .TintAndShade = 0 
End With 
With Selection.Interior.Gradient.ColorStops.Add(1) 
 .ThemeColor = xlThemeColorDark1 
 .TintAndShade = 0 
End With

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