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Defines VideoReferenceRelationship - represents internal Video reference relationship to a MediaDataPart.

The VideoReferenceRelationship type exposes the following members.


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Protected method VideoReferenceRelationship Initializes a new instance of the VideoReferenceRelationship.



  Name Description
Public property Container Gets the owner OpenXmlPartContainer that holds the ReferenceRelationship. (Inherited from ReferenceRelationship.)
Public property DataPart Gets the referenced target DataPart. (Inherited from DataPartReferenceRelationship.)
Public property Id Gets the relationship ID. (Inherited from ReferenceRelationship.)
Public property IsExternal Gets a value indeicates whether the target of the relationship is Internal or External to the OpenXmlPackage. (Inherited from ReferenceRelationship.)
Public property RelationshipType Gets the relationship type. (Overrides ReferenceRelationship.RelationshipType.)
Public property Uri Gets the target URI of the replationship. (Inherited from ReferenceRelationship.)
Public propertyStatic member VideoReferenceRelationshipType Gets the source relationship type for audio reference. Defined as "".



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