Getting Started with Developing an Outlook Social Connector Provider

Applies to: Office 2007 | Outlook 2010 | SharePoint Server 2010

The Outlook Social Connector (OSC) Provider Reference describes how to develop an OSC provider by using OSC provider extensibility. If you are new to developing solutions for Outlook, see Selecting an API or Technology for Developing Outlook Solutions to identify the APIs and technologies that are most appropriate for your needs. This section gives an overview of the OSC, how an OSC provider can be useful, quick steps for learning to develop a provider, technical requirements, best practices for developing a provider, and what’s new in this release.

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Outlook Social Connector Provider Reference

OSC Sample Provider and Templates

OSC Typical Calling Sequences

Developing a Provider with the OSC XML Schema

Debugging a Provider

Deploying a Provider

Getting Ready to Release an OSC Provider

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